Drunk and disorderly in our avenue - What to do?

It's 12.30am and teenagers have parked their car outside your home and are having an impromptu party. What should you do? It's not an emergency so you don't want to call 111, yet they may end up breaking a few bottles on the road, cause some damage to your letterbox, urinate in your front yard, or worse still, they could end up driving while drunk and killing someone.

Firstly, if things are getting out of hand, do call 111.

Otherwise call the central police station non-urgent hotline 363-7400. They can send a patrol car around to check on things in the next half hour or so. This would serve several purposes. It would send a message to the ratbags, and maybe word will get around about the liquor ban here. It gives us residents something we can do, without feeling we have to necessarily ring 111. And it leaves an audit trail at Police HQ about our liquor-related street problems.

  • 111 for All Emergencies!
  • 363-7400 for the 24-hour non-urgent Police hotline

Related Numbers
  • 942-8999 for Christchurch City Council Noise Control (24-hour number)