Street Design Options and Resources

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Street design policy
  • The NZ Standard on land development & subdivision infrastructure - NZS 4404:2004
    • This standard which applies to local government was changed in 2010 to meet new aims: requires roads to achieve safe (slower) operating speeds; managing and treating stormwater 'before it gets into a pipe'; grassed swales etc may in certain circumstances be not only part of the stormwater system, but also be a preferred solution, especially if low impact on receiving waters downstream is critical. 
  • Pedestrian planning and design guide (pdf)
    • Comprehensive and surprisingly informative guide on how to plan for pedestrians.
    • Good reading - especially sections 6.3 Traffic calming, 6.7.1 Pedestrian islands, 6.7.3 Kerb extensions, and 6.7.8 Give Way, Stop and uncontrolled intersections
Speed reduction/Traffic calming measures
  • Self Explaining Roads

    • are local roads (not through roads) designed to encourage drivers to drive at no more than 30 km/h.
    • see Mackie Research website 
  • The City Plan - Roading section (pdf)

    • includes useful data on different types of traffic management devices (humps/tables, narrowings/islands, diversions/closures, signage/markings). See Table 5 on p30.
  • Speed change management for New Zealand roads (Charlton and Baas 2006) (pdf)

    • Although this is quite lengthy, section 2.2 on speed change treatments from p16 is quite relevant.
Road construction