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City Council/Community Board
  • St James Ave Special AMenities Area description: sam16.aspx
    • Guide to SAMs and why our SAM is special
  • CCC Street renewal programme StreetsRenewalProgramme (pdf)
    • Schedule of  street renewals 
  • CCC Papanui War Memorial Streets Policy 2001 (pdf)
    • "It is particularly important that the trees are maintained and renewed and gaps filled in as appropriate, to ensure the avenue effects are retained."
    • This is current policy!
  • CCC protected trees: ProtectedTreesInCityPlan-docs (pdf)
    • City Plan Map showing Heritage trees and Notable trees (next grade below Heritage)
    • 627 of the notable trees are in city parks
    • Parks which contain the most notable trees are St James with 79 and Riccarton Bush with 68.
  • Listing in CCC Parks and Reserves: St James Park and Park Gates
    • Fairly terse functional descriptions only. 
    • Could be improved by including significance and historical information. 
  • Forming a residents' association: CCC document 
  • CCC Tree report (Kenny 3-12-09)
    (listed trees in the report: St James Ave Oaks by street number

      Other Residents' Associations

      Where is St James Ave/St James Park?