History of St James Ave/St James Park

(Documents reproduced with kind permission of The Papanui Heritage Group. For further information about this group as well as links to history websites, see Useful Links History section)

  • St James Park, Papanui (2009) by Christine Grant and Warren Hudson (PDF document)
  • The Story of St James Park and St James Avenue (2006) by Jim Gardner (PDF document)
  • The Proposed Park for Papanui 1923-1924 by David O'Malley (PDF document)
  • The Best Kept Street by Harry Tillman Saturday Star Oct 25th 1922 (PDF document)

   St James Ave 
  • Wikipedia - Papanui 
    • well written with interesting facts and figures about our area
  •  A Guide to the Papanui Cemetery (pdf)
    • Robert Greenaway's 2007 report 
    • Includes details of such notables as Charles Upham (VC & bar), Sir Heaton Rhodes MP.
The Papanui Heritage Group meets on the 1st Saturday of the month at 2pm in the Methodist Church room on Harewood Rd. Booklets about Papanui are available for a small price at the CCC Service Centre at the Papanui Library. For further information contact: Warren Hudson dwhud@xtra.co.nz or Janet Tillman janet21tillman@gmail.com