Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Tree Reports and a Second Meeting

The tree health reports are both completed.

The tree surgeon would like to have a second meeting this Sunday at say 2pm to discuss them with you all, so what we need is an offer of space in case it is raining, so can some kind person please offer the use of their garage for this meeting.

One of the outcomes hoped for with street enhancements is the creation of "Living Streets" this does not just mean that we retain our trees and get new kerbs and channel but that we all get to know each other and work as a community, and it is really great to see everyone talking and to become part of your community. It will be great to get a Residents Association up and running and to have street events to build and grow the commmunity that is already there. This may also mean that we run the mower over our new berms as well as the one next door if we have neighbours that are no longer able to do such tasks.

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