Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Local Body Elections

As a distraction from earthquake damage and aftershocks, you will see a new page on this website that asks the Papanui-Shirley candidates in the October local body elections their opinions about trees in Christchurch. All but three have emails available on the web or were contactable through websites. A number have not yet responded, but I shall add their responses if and when I get them.
As you will see, most of their attitudes seem in agreement with our own, which is nice to see. I also think it is important that they form an opinion, make their opinion a matter of public record (on this website), and if they are elected they should stick to that opinion when tree issues arise. In a small way, we are putting some pressure on these politicians to be accountable.
Happy reading! (And don't forget to hug a tree before bedtime.)
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