Saturday, 28 July 2012


Here are the summary paragraphs of the LLA decision on 25 July 2012:
Authority's Decision and Reasons
[28] This application relates to problem premises. Their nature and their proximity to a residential neighbourhood pose real difficulties for any applicant attempting to establish its suitability for an on-licence. The Authority appreciates that it cannot consider matters more properly the province of the Christchurch City Council under the Resource Management Act 1991. Whilst Sergeant Lawn stated that the premises were unsuitable for a night club, that is not the issue for this Authority.

[29] The issue for this Authority is whether or not the applicant is suitable to operate the premises as a night club. For the reasons expressed earlier in this decision, this applicant is well away from establishing its suitability for an on-licence in respect of these premises.

[30] The application is refused.
Well done, everyone.

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