Saturday, 16 April 2011

EQC online and SPAM

I have been noticing a number of emails arriving in my mailbox purporting to be from the EQC, but when you hover your mouse over the blue underlined links, the link address as displayed in the status bar is bogus. e.g. At the top of the email it says "To make sure your New Zealand Earthquake Commission emails are delivered direct to your inbox, follow these simple steps." but if you click on the link it takes you to a direct marketing site.

This is spam or worse! (Some of these sites may even off-load viruses etc onto your computer and are best avoided.)

The only true EQC site is as listed in the brochures delivered to your house's mailbox. This is quite a helpful site and lists amongst other things, how to make a claim, and dates when claims need to be in by for particular events e.g. 22 Feb quake closes on 23 May.

Good luck!

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