Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Time for an update

Most of us have been talking to each other and helping each other out there in the street, which is really great. As you can tell by the infrequent posts, I have been a little distracted by the 22/2 earthquake and its aftermath, and possibly even a bit lazy! However, this blog may reach some in the street who may be otherwise feel they are in the dark about what is happening so I will try to keep putting up any news that comes my way. (Send anything you hear to me at mhurrell@xtra.co.nz)

Margaret has passed on the following:
I hope that this finds you all well.
You probably noticed the trucks in the street today doing a sewer inspection for the CCC. Dave and I had a chat to the two contractors doing the work. They were very approachable and keen to let us know what they found.
The long and short of it is that the sewer is cracked and silted up at the Windermere Street end of St James Avenue. Windermere Street's sewer is apparently a mess.
They suggested that if we want to avoid the street having to use portaloos that we should use the sewers very cautiously keeping the flushing of loos to a minimum. This also applies to grey water use as well.
Hoping for a more official update but would assume that any work here will be after the hard hit Eastern Suburbs have been helped.

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